A list of official changes to the church's approved terminology over the last 5 years. I saw this post on the faithful subreddit and was blown away that faithful members were upvoting it. How anyone can see these changes as anything less than a corporate PR/SEO overhaul is baffling to me. 

Found on r/exAdventist. Not much tweaking, if any, required to liken it unto TSCC. Only difference being that top LDS leadership is even older (by 20-30 years!), more intransigent, and harder to replace. 

How influential was the South Park episode about Mormonism in making your decision to leave the fold once and for all? 

As a Mormon, I rarely donated to charities because I thought the Church was using my tithing money to care for the poor and provide positive community tools. I now know it does neither. Real charities suffer in LDS Communities. Fuck the Prophet for hiding the money I thought was helping others. 

View from my bedroom window. It makes me so happy to drive past this (half-full) parking lot on Sunday mornings as I’m on my way to ski or hike or whatever the f*ck else I want to do. God, I hated going to church, it was so damn boring. 

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